Air-cooled Classic Porsche 911 Engine Rebuild

If you’ve ever had an air-cooled Porsche engine rebuilt by a Porsche specialist dealer in or around London and the M25, there’s a reasonable chance it was actually rebuilt at DSD Motorwerks in Essex.

DSD Motorwerks classic Porsche 911 engine build Essex 13

DSD Motorwerks is well known and respected throughout the specialist Porsche trade, and our engineers complete many air-cooled Porsche engine rebuilds over the course of an average year, many on behalf of other dealers. DSD Porsche engine rebuilds can be found in many road and racing Porsche 356, 912 and 911 models across Essex and the UK, Australia, Sweden, southern Spain: all across Europe.

Classic Porsche 911 Engine Rebuild

Porsche engine rebuilds come in many shapes and sizes. Fitted to the early 911 from 1964 to 1969, this classic Porsche 911 2.0-litre engine arrived at DSD in a crate, without the induction system. Air-cooled Porsche engine rebuilds can be very expensive (especially when you go to the wrong people), so the engine had been run with a number of oil leaks and other issues for years.

Putting the engine on a stand, we stripped it down to find classic 911 symptoms of worn-out valve guides, some wear to the rest of the top end, and all six pistons and cylinders caked in oil. A decision was taken to upgrade many engine components, so we ordered new pistons from the USA, and sent the heads and cylinders off for reconditioning.

When rebuilding a classic Porsche engine, it is important to remember that parts which may look good can be the cause of future issues. As these engines are intricately assembled and changing one seal for leaks can mean the whole engine has to come apart again, DSD Motorwerks replaced all seals, and of course fitted new headstuds and mostly new external fixings.

Seen here are the oil return tubes in place ready for the heads and top end assemblies. With the top end now rebuilt, the Porsche 911 S camshafts are timed and air-cooled cam chain covers are refitted over new 911 cam timing chains and tensioners. This engine is now ready for another forty years of good service if well maintained.

Is your classic Porsche engine in need of repair? Regardless of whether it’s a 911, 914, 356 , 964 or 993, DSD Motorwerks can rebuild to standard specification or add a few tuning tricks along the way. Give Dave Dennett at DSD Motorwerks a call on 07774 854418 to discuss your classic Porsche engine rebuild plans.