Porsche 356 Cabriolet Restoration at DSD

We’ve just started a full restoration on this very rare right-hand drive Porsche 356 Cabriolet at DSD Motorwerks in Essex. This classic Porsche arrived at our workshop via container shipping service from Australia, where it was fully inspected by the DSD team.

DSD Motorwerks Porsche 356 restoration Essex 2

It is no exaggeration to say that this restoration involves repairing just about every inch of the car. Having been parked up in damp storage since 1975, the bodywork is in a very poor state. Forty years of water sitting in the floor pans, working its way through the metalwork can do a large amount of damage! The engine is seized, and the transmission and remaining drivetrain is well past its best.

Porsche 356 Cabriolet Restoration Acid Dipping

Our first concern when we had a good look at this classic Porsche roadster was that the front would detach itself from the rest of the 356 bodyshell, such was the extent of the rust in this Australian import. We stripped out the trim and welded brace pieces into the bare cabin, before fitting the car to a custom jig so it could be sent for paint stripping and removal of the majority of structural rust at body shell dipping specialists, Enviro-Strip in Staffordshire.

DSD Motorwerks Porsche 356 restoration Essex 1

The braces ensure that, whatever rusty parts are  burned away by the acid dipping process, the bodyshell should not distort during the treatment. We can then start replacing the rust-ravaged parts with brand new metal from perfect restoration arts and bringing this classic 356 back to its former glory.

These pictures show the Porsche 356 restoration project ready to depart the DSD Motorwerks workshop in Essex. Our previous 356 restoration projects have been very well received by customers, Porsche fans and concours judges on completion – we expect this 356 to be as delightful when finished.

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