Classic Porsche 911 Project: Engine Bay Refresh

We love classic Porsche projects here at DSD Motorwerks. While we like how the factory did things, we also appreciate that many owners have a personal vision for finished classic Porsche projects.

DSD Motorwerks classic Porsche 912 engine rebuild Essex 10

This beautifully preserved Porsche 911 came to DSD Motorwerks in Essex for a complete engine rebuild and also a full refresh and detail of the engine bay, to bring it up to the standard of the rest of the car. As a Porsche specialist renowned for attention to detail bordering on the OCD, this was a very exciting project that we could not resist!

The first task was to remove the engine and begin the stripdown, so we could check the condition and decide what new parts would be required for the flat-six Porsche 911 engine rebuild.

With the engine out and heads off, we found a crack in one head and some issues elsewhere. The whole thing came back to bare engine cases and we started from scratch, sending all of the tinware off for stripping, powder coating or re-plating and repainting some of the parts that would be most visible, with a new engine bay decal kit as well.

As part of this mission was to get more power from the engine, it was agreed that adding a rear anti-roll bar would be a good idea. We found the correct rear bar and welded in the mounts on the rear chassis legs, as many early 911s were not supplied with rear ARBs from new. Then it was just a case of primer, rustproofing and paint before the ARB was bolted up.

In the engine compartment, care was taken to strip and inspect the metalwork for any sign of rust, before we masked off the rest of the car and brought in a professional painter to prime and top coat the engine bay. We then cleaned and polished the engine lid and started to re-install the contents.

DSD Motorwerks classic Porsche 912 engine rebuild Essex 11

Everything that went back in was in top condition and the entire engine bay looked immaculate. We are mechanics, not photographers, so our camera-work does not do the finish justice! Suffice to say the colour match was excellent and it really lifted the car overall.

With the warmed-up engine back in situ, the owner could look forward to some serious miles. Everyone who has seen this car has been seriously impressed with the workmanship – we constantly get calls from Porsche owners keen to achieve the same finish.

DSD Motorwerks classic Porsche 912 engine rebuild Essex 9

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