PPI and Porsche Servicing in Essex: 997, Boxster & Cayenne

DSD Motorwerks Porsche service Essex

DSD Motorwerks is very familiar with modern Porsche servicing, particularly all models of 997 including GT3 and GT3 RS, Porsche Boxster S and Porsche Cayenne V8 and Diesel, as we have personally owned all of these cars!

Our Porsche 996 and 997 experience goes back more than a decade, as Dave Dennett previously restored and rebuilt a 996 GT3 Cup car, as well as many 997 models including the famous ex-Nigel Mansell GT3. We currently own a 997 GT3 RS in black orange (not for sale) and have just sold a pair of very nice GT3 models.

Independent 911 Porsche Servicing in Essex

This Porsche 997 recently arrived at DSD Motorwerks in Essex for a full annual service following a winter of daily driving. Thanks to its great refinement and comfort, the Porsche 997 is a great 911 to drive every day when the common fail points including oil seals and intermediate shaft bearing (IMS) are sorted.

DSD Motorwerks services all Porsche models using genuine Porsche or high quality OEM equivalent parts. Our workforce includes highly experienced Porsche technicians with the very latest training. There is no shortage of Porsche expertise at DSD Motorwerks.

DSD Motorwerks Porsche service Essex GT3

Training and equipment means nothing without caring hands to use them. Essex Porsche owners can rest assured that DSD Motorwerks cares about your car. We are active Porsche enthusiasts in local clubs and in modern and historic racing, and we are known for our fastidious approach and attention to detail.

DSD Motorwerks is often known as the best kept Porsche secret in Essex. We do very little advertising, as our reputation spreads by word of mouth in personal recommendations from one owner to another. When cars change hands, it is normal for them to stay with DSD under new ownership, or come back to us after trying other specialist garages.

The DSD Motorwerks workshop near Billericay is always delighted to welcome genuine callers. We don’t share our location online, as we like to work in private and also respect the privacy of the many famous cars that visit our premises. Contact DSD Motorwerks by giving us a call on 07002 356911 or mobile 07774 854418 and we’ll guide you in!